Cost To Build A Chicken Coop

For which 25 chickens? The average number of persons order is usually 25 chickens. Most of the time, ordered the day of the girl, but you can control the valves. They can use them incorrectly or run directly order. When you order, they do not directly lead to sex and you will receive 50% hens and roosters by 50%. If usually in a possible grocery issues those telling what to do good and good barbecue. Some breeds are good for both. Fill chicken does not have much time. Five to ten minutes per day is in the middle. For the cleaning of the pins, average is 30 minutes cost to build a chicken coop per week. A roast is a young female chicken. Costs of sweater a little more, given that the girl of the day, but you won't have that them hot enough. The girls need to warm up. Need an incubator for day-old chicks. The temperature should be about 95 degrees f during the first week, and up to five degrees 70 degrees obtained, each week until the temperature. A breeder must be high to two feet, two feet wide and three metres long. If you want, that the production of eggs and chicken is also good, you are a good choice of Rhode Iceland of the reds. Plymoth are also good white rocks. Dwarf, silkies, eggs are good. The egg is small but good. Brown and white eggs have no difference in nutritional value. If you want a fertile egg, you must have a tail. A cock of young hens to 15-20 is a good rule of thumb. If you can not, unfertilized eggs are the eggs without a rooster. A bird offers four to six eggs per week. She wants to kill a chicken until after the first year. The hens are not long after the first year. Peut a cockeral young at nine weeks for a slaughter of chicken. The Gauls are men and most cultivated for food. The chicken coop. The chicken must be large enough for boxes to water, clothes hangers, nest and feed. 3 m² per animal is generally good. When you create smaller, there is a greater probability of disease and cannibalism. The floor must be covered with wood chips or straw. Bouquet of 2-inch 2-3 feet in the ground should horizontal 2 dismissed hangers. You should have about 1 foot of space per bird sleep in the henhouse. 3 nests have a square foot and 1-2 to put the feet above the ground. It is good to hang on the inside wall. You need 25 8-10 birds nests. Line the boxes with chips of wood or straw. 4. a good chicken coop protects chickens of climate, predators, and injuries. Some regions have flight problems, you must take into account when building. 5. the House must be free of currents of air, but with a breakdown when necessary. Create in a well drained location. 6. more home, better it will be. You have a problem with predators or theft, leak with wire must be covered. 7 shadow in the operation. 8. the House must have a window. 9. open the door and the window inward. 10 put the concrete block House, if possible, avoid snakes and rodents. step 11 of the border of the foot and the toe of the Bigfoot about 6 inches deep buried wire along. 12. If it is still a problem with predators, chickens at home block during the night. 13 insurance offer a kind of vegetation such as millet or a kind of large and lush vegetation for chickens. 14. the appearance of the House are beautiful poultry. If you in the life of the city, is particularly important. Keep exterior painted and well maintained. 15 the roof high enough to his designs to build. Make nests, feeders, etc tabs for easy access. Facilitate the cleaning of the House. 16. mount a light on irrigation and electricity areas. 17 the House must be cleaned once a year will be easier by using construction materials. tilt 18 in the direction of the door, so if you like to disinfect the House is easier to spray and dry. 19. a dome well ventilated at the top of a chicken coop. 20 if you in a climate cold life and home to isolate. 21. the chicken coop to keep dry. 22 is a good idea, place the cable on the front at an angle nests and nest on the wall behind the nest. You will avoid that perch in nests. 23 have a position against the nests. 24 participate in each nest front removable for easy cleaning of the nests. 25 that it is possible to build their nests, where you remove access to them, the egg of the House from the outside, .